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About Jansen Roofing & Repair Inc.


We are your solution for residential roofing regardless if you are in need of replacing your roof due to age, defect, or storm damage. We expertly inspect, measure, and price your roofing project. A perfect job is the one that has been thoroughly inspected. We are the experts. Just because you believe a new roof is needed, it may in fact require some attention, but not a full replacement.

Jansen Roofing is dedicated to honesty and integrity. We will never replace a roof, unless you are fully aware of the condition of the roof. Many times through the years, we have saved homeowners thousands of dollars by physically inspecting the roof. There are many instances when a repair may be made, providing the roof with an additional 5 to 10 years of performance! So please, always make sure an inspection has been performed!

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