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Certainteed-shingle-roof-with-Landmark-Series-Certainteed-ShinglesLandmark series shingles are a leading shingle in consumer reports. roof repairs, roofing contractor, new roof, reroof, roofing company, roof replacement Jansen Roofing & Repair Inc., fix shingles, Jansen Roofing Regardless of the Style you select for your home, Your roof is protected by some amazing warranties. Your roof is protected against material defects, mold and algae, improper installation, and premature aging. This warranty is provided by Certainteed, who has proved time and again that they will stand up for their products, and address any product concerns. Your Labor warranty is provided by us as well, so you are covered in the event that an issue arises. We have been installing these products for many years, and we are so confident in the performance, that we have these products installed on our homes. We hope that you will enjoy these products for many years to come! Please click on any style that you like to see a brochure. These will be your options!

Landmark TL Impact Resistant

Impact resistance provides you with discounts with your homeowners insurance. roof repairs, roofing contractor, new roof, reroof, roofing company, even roof replacements.

A strong roof. A stylish home.
Impact resistant shingles gives you both.

An impact resistant version of our dramatically thick luxury shingle offers you the distinct look of natural wood shakes, not to mention a lifetime warranty. Made of three laminated layers of the industry’s strongest roofing materials, it’s dimensional in appearance and unparalleled in durability.

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