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Residential-asphalt-shingle-roof-close-up-showing-new-repaired-roofIt’s always important to do your best to make an informed decision. We have always been the type of Roofing Company that advised you too take your time and make the best decision. We still do. But, once you have decided, we need you to contact us immediately. The price of the material for your project is rising at a rate of over 10% each month. This will cost you hundreds of dollars per month if you don’t act. By calling us, we will place your roof order, and lock in the pricing. So even if you want to wait until June, and your decision was made in March, by waiting until until May to notify us, your estimate could increase over a thousand dollars just in material cost. So please, let us know your decision.

We still perform the job with no money down, and collect upon the completion of the project, so the only difference is that we can order your material ahead of time, and lock in the current price for your materials. This is yet another way that our experience will save you money. Thank you.

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