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Contractor-replacing-asphalt-shingles-on-a-roofWe love to do repairs. Although most roof repairs are a wash financially for us, we get to meet a TON of people that hired a roofing company that won’t return a call, warranty their work, or care about their customers! Usually the roof is less than a few years old, the owner already spent the money with the “competition”, and nobody wants to help. Well, we’ll help. We’ve all made some mistakes from time to time, so we will repair your leaky roof efficiently and we hope you remember us down the road. You’ll become our customer, and we KNOW that you will call us when you are ready to replace the roof years later, when you move into a new home, or you get some storm damage.

We know that you will recommend us to your friends and family that may need a roof, and that is what we are all about. Providing such great service, that even on a small repair job, we gain very important customers. Your referrals are what we strive for. So feel free to call us. We won’t treat you like your putting us out. Your just as important as any other customer. VERY!

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