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Roofing-contractor-working-on-roof-replacement-projectEveryone hopes that their roof will last forever, but as with all things, your roof will age. One thing to remember is that not all shingles will age at the same pace. Different shingles have different lifespans and the best way to determine how long your shingles will last is ensure that your roof is maintained and ventilated. You should have your roof inspected by us at least twice a year to ensure that no problems or issues have arisen. Do you change your oil in your car or truck?

When shingles become old or begin to show signs of aging, you may notice that they begin to crack, curl or become loose. They may even break off. You should not ignore these signs or put them off. When you begin to see signs of aging in your shingles, you should contact us and have the roof assessed. Putting off repairs to a later date can cause many expensive repairs in the long run. It is always best to make repairs as soon as you notice the problems. Aging shingles are no exception to the rule.Roof needs more vents, better conditions, and is beyond repair. roof repairs, roofing contractor, new roof, reroof, roofing company, roof replacement Jansen Roofing & Repair Inc., fix shingles, Jansen Roofing

Remember, repairs can last for years. We are a very thorough roofing company, and we do the repairs that the other roofing contractors don’t care to. You should carefully research any roofing company, and make sure that they have the experience, knowledge, and ability to accurately detect and solve your problem. Many companies claim to be Roofers, Siders, and Window Installers. This should be a HUGE red flag. There is no company that is expert at all of these things. We are a good home improvement company. We are good at siding. We are good at windows. We are GREAT at roofing! So that is what we do. We do the roof repairs, roof replacements, and install ventilation as you need it.

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