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Certainteed-residential-roofing-underlaymentEither one of our Underlayments perform well. Felt paper is the most commonly used product for underlayment in the roofing industry. Jansen Roofing has consistently used the Synthetic Underlayment in the most technical of jobs. It is a greater product, with only a marginal cost additional. It is selected most often by our Quality Customers.

High Performance Synthetic Underlayment

CertainTeed’s DiamondDeck™ High Performance Synthetic Underlayment is manufactured to provide best-in-class performance in terms of both weather protection and contractor safety.

DiamondDeck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment that can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment.

Felt underlayment can wrinkle when it becomes wet and “telegraph” those wrinkles through to the shingles applied over it. DiamondDeck eliminates this problem and its special top surface treatment provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight – Easy to work with and carry
  • Excellent 6-month UV stability – Finish roof when you are ready
  • Excellent tear resistance – Durability, reduced puncture risk
  • Superior wet/dry traction – Work faster and safer
  • Cool gray surface color – More comfortable working environment

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